I’m Pavel Vranka

and I deal with products, processes, and transformations.

I turn your visions and ideas into reality.

Pavel Vranka - consultant for digital products, processes and transformations

How I work

  • I focus on value and experience for users and customers
  • Deeply and quickly analyze the problem
  • Connect information to new contexts
  • Propose a solution with the highest value added
  • Manage the implementation and continuously evaluate the benefits
  • Most importantly, I communicate effectively with people across disciplines

I have been working in the IT industry for more than 15 years. I have been a certified Scrum Product Owner since 2015.
I am a member of the UX Association and the Czech Association of Artificial Intelligence, active in the agile community, and an external contributor to Edutrea.

Certifikovaný Scrum product ownerČlen Asociace UX logo of the Czech associaton of Artificial Inteligence

Do you need someone who can execute your vision, understands technology, and can lead a team?

What I can do for you

Product Management

Product strategy, evaluating customer requirements, prioritizing and managing development, metrics… I do all this as a proper product manager (or Product Owner).

I will turn your vision into a genuine product your customers will love. Step by step.

Process analysis and optimization

Processes are needed, whether customer-focused or purely internal. When set up well, they make work easier and save costs. I analyze, describe, and suggest process optimizations as a business analyst. I focus on automation and, more recently, artificial intelligence.

I treat processes the same way I treat products. I always look for what brings the most benefit.

Project Management

From idea to implementation. I manage projects with an emphasis on flexibility and results. A transparent approach, effective communication, and quick feedback are essential for me.

I will represent you in negotiations with suppliers – always on your side.

Transforming management and teams

The market and environment are changing rapidly, and companies need to change. Agile management can help you do that. I take your conditions into account when designing changes. I ask a lot of questions and listen. And finally, with your team, I change how things work so that they are efficient and make sense.

Do you want a flexible company? Let’s transform together.

Together we will give your business a boost